Single Appointment Crowns

Dr. Bowes and Dr. Kiri are happy to announce they have recently acquired a CEREC cad/cam unit.  This allows us to make most of our crowns at the chairside utilizing the newest in optical imaging and 3-D printing.  For most of our patients requiring crowns, these can now be done in just one appointment.  No more temporary crowns to chip or come unglued.  No second visit to schedule or need for additional needles for that second appointment!  The optical scanner means that often we will not require any more putty impressions as this is replaced with a computerized 3-D model of your teeth and bite.  We then use these digital models to fabricate a crown utilizing CEREC's advanced software.  Once we are happy with how this new crown fits on the model, we then "print" your crown using the 3-D printer.  The resulting crown can then be polished or glazed and cemented, all in just one appointment.